How can BPO 360 help you?

Budget cuts and global competition are making it harder for institutions to stay competitive. With BPO 360 you can now offer your prospective, current and future students new communication ‘experiences’. Engage 1-to-1 and make your database the driving force of your campaigns.

Boost my enrolments (with a limited budget)

How do you maximise your conversion rate when you don’t have the funds? How do you make every piece of communication you send out count?

The answer is, go personal. Once you know your target, you can market to students as individuals. Studies show that personalisation can increase your response rates by up to 4 times. BPO 360 makes it easy for you.

Talk to our campaign specialists about how to run personalised campaigns across multiple channels. Use a combination of SMS, email, printed collateral and PURLs to enhance the effectiveness of your acquisition strategies whether it’s for an open day, education fair or welcome pack.

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Reduce my marketing material costs

The way forward is campaigns that integrate print and digital communications. Use more email, SMS and PURLs, use less print. When you do use print, use it more intelligently.

Once you know your target, 1-to-1 content is the key. That means highly customised brochures, newsletters and prospectuses for every individual. By not having to produce unnecessary material, you save on both printing and transportation costs.

Talk to our innovation experts about using more digital channels in your campaigns.


Get into digital marketing

These days, more students and parents are using some kind of mobile device than ever before. If you’re not on the digital train, you’re missing out.

The good news is, going digital is now made easy with BPO 360 marketing and communication tools. Integrate your printed material with other channels such as SMS, email and PURLs to create compelling 1-to-1 campaigns.

There’s no need to invest in any hardware or software. Just talk to one of our innovation experts and we will develop a campaign that best fits your needs.


Develop an offer conversion strategy

Are students responding to your offer letters? Do you have a proper conversion strategy? BPO 360 can help.

Instead of sending out generic offer letters, roll out a 360 campaign that drives conversion in a personal way. It could start with an offer letter pack (not just a letter) filled with a range of personalised items, followed by a series of emails, SMS and PURLs. You don’t have to manually send these out, they are triggered by a timeline or student action.

The aim is to connect 1-to-1 with your students and drive them towards acceptance. To find out more, talk to one of our innovation experts now.


Reduce dropouts

It’s far more cost effective to keep a student than acquire a new one. All you need is a proper retention strategy.

In other words, understanding the student climate and taking action before your students do. With BPO 360, you can easily stay in touch with your students through feedback campaigns and newsletters designed to build rapport.

BPO 360 also helps you enhance your student experience on campus. By using our 1-to-1 communication tools, you can run unique orientation days, faculty gatherings, industry seminars and other events to keep your students engaged on campus.


Get more donors

Technology has made it easier to acquire donations. BPO 360 can help you run online campaigns that enable people to contribute with a click. Above all, we use unique personalisation strategies to get you the results you want.

People don’t want to read ads, they want stories. If you can connect to your alumni and inspire them to be part of the story, you’ve struck gold.

Tell your alumni what’s going on with their old faculty and how they can help. Once they donate, follow up with a donor report that shows them where their money went. With BPO 360, you can do this with each and every one of your prospects.

To find out more, talk to one of our innovation experts now.


Attract more students

The internet has opened up a whole new market for institutions. The challenge is getting prospective students to choose you over someone else.

BPO 360 can help by enabling you to build a personal relationship with your prospective students and their parents, wherever they are from. By using a smart mix of 1-to-1 marketing tools such as customised brochures, emails and PURLs, you can improve engagement like never before.

Anything that can be customised, will be customised, by course of interest, language, country, age and more. Talk to our innovation experts about how you can use BPO 360 to boost your intake.

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