Brochures built for individuals, not masses

Generalised brochures work extremely well with your agents and school partners. They offer counsellors a single source of information. The problem is that they lack in talking directly to their readers.

Students want information customised to their needs. That’s exactly what our proprietary brochure builder does – it gives students an opportunity to customise brochures based on their interest areas – on the fly. There’s no more information overload.

You can offer students digital brochures, print brochures or both. You’ll create more engaging brochures while cutting your printing costs and environmental impact. What’s more, you can collect leads for future marketing utilizing BPO 360 cross media campaigns.

A demo of how it works

Hometown University Student Guide

  • STEP 1
    Prospective students visit the brochure builder page on the Hometown University website.

  • STEP 2
    They select their interest areas. For example 'Campuses', 'Courses' and 'Student Life'

  • STEP 3
    Students enter their personal contact details. This data could be kept for future marketing campaigns.

  • STEP 4
    A customised brochure is emailed within minutes and a printed copy mailed out if requested.

Test drive it for yourself. Build a customised BPO 360 brochure now. 


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