What is BPO 360?

BPO 360 is an innovative solution from BPO Intelligence designed to empower institutions with next generation communication tools. We make it easy for you to engage with your students in a personal way, across multiple channels, all on autopilot. Build relationships throughout the student lifecycle from acquisition and enrolments, to fundraising and alumni management.

BPO 360 works throughout the Student Lifecycle

Acquisition starts with the first point of contact students have with you, whether it’s visiting your website or picking up a flyer. Your job is to persuade them to take that next step, be it attending an open day, submitting an application or accepting your offer. BPO 360 helps you enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, driving conversion at each stage of acquisition.

You can use BPO 360 for:
  • Agent Familiarisation Trips
  • Education Fairs
  • Welcome Packs
  • Offer Letter Packs
  • Lead Management
  • Open Days

The key to retention is understanding the student climate – and taking action before your students do! With BPO 360 you can stay in touch with students through feedback campaigns and newsletters designed to build rapport. Talk to us about running unique orientation days, industry seminars and other events to keep your students engaged on campus, such that dropping out is the last thing on their minds.

You can use BPO 360 for:
  • Orientation Management
  • Newsletters
  • Student Feedback Campaigns

For many students, graduation is a milestone event. BPO 360 enables you to run it as smoothly as possible. Use highly personalised cross-channel communications to create a unique and unforgettable experience. Leave positive and lasting impressions on your students – the future ambassadors of your institution!

You can use BPO 360 for:
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Guest Management

A strong alumni relationship offers a plethora of opportunities for fundraising, reputation enhancement and cross-selling postgraduate courses. Talk to us about how BPO 360 can help you with every aspect of alumni management - from reconnecting with past graduates and building your alumni network, to inspiring them to give back to their alma mater.

You can use BPO 360 for:
  • Alumni Management
  • Fundraising
  • Newsletters

Use highly personalised 360 degree marketing tools such as email, SMS, variable printing and personalised URLs (PURLs), to build meaningful relationships with your students.

The journey starts with your database

Use your existing database to run a BPO 360 campaign. While you engage students with exciting marketing messages, you can also collect personal information about them, which can be used to run and refine future campaigns.

  • STEP 1
    Identify the database of the student group you want to engage with.

  • STEP 2
    A personalised, customised and contextualised campaign is sent to individual students.

  • STEP 3
    Students actions are monitored and responded to.

  • STEP 4
    Students submit a response and the new data is captured and added to your database.

What are the BPO 360 benefits?

Personalised and customised

Tailor your messages not just by name, but also by student interests, language and contact preferences. If you don’t have such information, we can help you run campaigns to gather it!


It’s all about timing and relevance. If students have not responded to your invite, automatically send them a follow-up email. If they are worried about finances, tell them about scholarships.

On demand

Need to respond to the market faster? We help you run campaigns on demand – exactly when you need to.

Automated Marketing

No more time spent sending emails or SMSs. Put your entire marketing and communications on autopilot, saving you time and resources.

Real time reporting and analytics

Track campaign performance using real-time reporting and analytics. No need to wait for campaigns to finish to evaluate their performance.

Infrastructural strength

State-of-the-art printing and technological infrastructure at a single site helps us deliver more for less. And faster too.

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specialises in education marketing and communications.
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